Thursday, February 4, 2010

Integrated Learnings Blog now on eLearning Learning

We started the Integrated Learnings: eLearning blog last year with the idea of writing simple, but informative, posts about eLearning design and development. Our topics rotate between learning theory refreshers and step-by-step techniques for popular eLearning authoring tools (Lectora, Captivate, Articulate, and others). Our one rule is that the topics have to relate to eLearning. Anything else goes on our other blog, Shared Learning.

We've been very excited with the positive feedback we've received. (Thank you, readers!) But no more than now, when we've been invited to join the eLearning Learning community.

If you are not familiar with eLearning Learning, Tony Karrer (eLearning Technology) started it as "a community collecting and organizing the best information on the web about eLearning." The site gathers articles from highly-rated bloggers around the world into one location, allowing you to browse posts easily from sources that you might not otherwise find. It provides an excellent one-stop resource for current ideas and techniques in eLearning theory, design, and development.

To check it out, click here. You'll see our Integrated Learnings: eLearning stream first, but can explore using the Search and Categories in the left margin or the blog roll on the right.

Have fun learning about eLearning! And thanks again, Tony, for this recognition.


  1. You mention some tools in this post - what can you tell me about Moodle for the purposes of e-learning?

  2. Barry, from our viewpoint, Moodle has done what we needed it to do. We've used it in the past to temporarily host courses for clients that didn't have their own LMS. It was fairly straightforward to set up and provided the basic functionality that we needed (such as user reporting).

    What are you seeking to do with Moodle? Perhaps I can direct your question.


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